Listen to the Q&A, Hear Music, & see photos from our Espacio 1839 Live Event!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Espacio 1839 JAZZ NIGHTS Live Event that took place on Friday evening February 19, 2016! It was a blast! Thanks to all the folks at Espacio and at Radio Sombra for hosting us!

Here’s the audio from our little post-trailer-screening, pre-live-music Q&A segment of the evening. Heard on this recording are myself, Double G, Shaunte Palmer, Josh Duron, Emile Porée, Ebony Ann Blaze, and our hosts and Radio Sombra DJ’s Moises Ruiz and Humberto Terrones Esquivel!

Listen HERE.

You can also view photos from the evening HERE.

Or watch some musical snippets below from the evening sent to us by Moises Ruiz:




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