Emile Porée

Guitar –

Emile Porée is a musician and vocalist who has reached over to a broad music loving audience. Either Solo, Duo or with his Trio, Emile admittedly likes and plays all musical genres and uses these unique sounds in his music box.

Today, Emile Porée is performing constantly on the music scene locally and abroad with bands and various artists. He is also in the studio producing new music.

It’s no wonder that bands and producers are big supporters and advocates of Emile Porée and his original sounds. Emile Porée comes to the music industry well-seasoned since birth, being raised in a musical family. His first teacher was his father, Greg Porée, an accomplished studio musician, writer, arranger and composer. His Aunt is Anita Porée, an accomplished lyricist, writer, and visual artist, and also a major influence in Emile’s creative approach.

Over the years, Emile has perfected his craft through formal, impromptu, and private training.